Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Dear Eddie Thursday, June 10, 1943

We have perfect weather now. Victory garden in and vegetables look pretty nice even with all the rain. We won’t have much fruit as rain washed blossoms off the trees. The grass is growing and we can’t keep up with cutting it.

Julia called her Eddie in Wyoming, where it’s cold and everyone is wearing winter jackets. Eddie is a Quarter Master. He isn’t getting basic training because he can’t hear well in one ear and eyesight isn’t extra good. Leonard is going next week; he has one more week that they gave him to sell his home. Leona’s husband is supposed to go across soon. Now he is getting work in the post office over there.

Harry bought some candy at Sanders yesterday and had it mailed to you. Eddie this is your 14th day, so your bivouac training must be over. We wonder what city and state they’ll send you to.

Eddie, should we send batteries now or wait? We saw Gene & Gerite last Sunday. The baby (Wayne Zimmerman) is getting nice and big sitting by himself now. He might be walking by the time you get back and big Gene is still thinking of enlisting in the Navy.

Leonard left for Kansas yesterday morning by airplane. Gertie said he paid 39 dollars one way fair. He’ll be married Sunday afternoon June 13.

Love Mother & Harry

Bivouac Ends

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