Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Dear Mom & Harry (Thur. Aug 5, 1943)

I still haven’t received any mail. It must be held up. If all the Detroit News comes here at once, I’ll look like a moving news stand while carrying the load to my hut. Eddie & Army buddy Aleutians Lake

The paper I’m writing was included with some articles given by the Red Cross. The Red Cross bag has a lace to pull the bag opening shut. It had pencils, envelopes, sewing kit, razor blade (not my kind), bar of soap in a hinged container, deck of cards and a book. I traded my book “Black Alibi” for Zola’s “Nana”. I believe you remember seeing the movie and the book is 500 pages and much better than the movie. I read it before I reached my destination here.

On movies, I have been only to one, here. "They All Kissed the Bride" with Melvin Douglas and Joan Crawford. I might have seen it before.  All the movies here aren’t old. They have recently shown "My Friend Flicka", "Sherlock Holmes Goes to Washington" which I saw at Camp Custer.

There are plenty of books here. This will keep me busy during my leisure time, though I would rather read them in Detroit.

Sorry I returned the pocket size checkerboard. There is a checkerboard here, but I can’t reach it readily. So if you have the pocket one handy, pleas send it to me.

There is a slight change in my address from the previous letter. The new address is:

Pvt. Edward J. Thomas
A.S.N. 36576155
138th Infantry
A.P.O. 948
C/O Postmaster
Seattle, Washington

So long until my next letter. Ed
P.S. Tell Issy & Mac and Gertie I haven’t forgotten, them. Send me Richard’s address. I’d like to get in touch with him and let him know how close I am to him.


From Pfc Richard E. Barriger
Seattle, Washington                          Postmark Aug 8, 1943

To Mr. Harry Thomas (Just an empty envelope)

On Fri., Aug. 6 the allies conduct air raids on Berlin causing Berlin to evaculate parts of the city.

Issy's Bowling - Sun. Aug 8, 1943

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