Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Mon., Jun 19 The Battle of the Philippine begins which will last two days and the United States will have destroyed over 400 aircraft and sunk three Japanese aircraft carriers.

Below letter is copied from Eddie's letter word for word.

Camp Shelby, Miss
Tuesday, June 20, 1944

Dear Mom, Harry & Izzy:

This is a short news flash.

My orders have come in for me to report to Second Army Headquarters
at Memphis, Tenn., on or about June 20. I believe I am leaving this
camp tomorrow.

About all I know concerning this new job is that it's located
right in the downtown section of Memphis. I'll be working in some
new department that is being formed, called the Augmentation Section,
whatever that means. The work will deal with infantry tests.
I don't know anything about the details and will have to wait until
I am settled there.

This is going to be quite a jump from Regimental Headquarters.
It skips the corps and divisional headquarters right up to the top.
I can't go any higher.

From what I am able to gather, I believe my quarters will be
a hotel instead of the regular army barracks. If this will come true
I'm afraid I am going to forget that I'm a soldier. What a tragedy that
will be!

Another fellow is going along with me. He's also a stenographer
who will work in the same office with me.

It's time for me to retire now. Tomorrow I'll have to turn in
some equipment and pack up my bags. By next evening I'll be on my
way and will probably arrive in Memphis June 22.

With love to all, Eddie
P.S. I am embarrassed to say that before sending the two stenographers
off, the office here opened its generous heart very wide and made
the two of us PFC's against the orders of higher headquarters who
froze all requests for promotions in this Regiment because it is
being disbanded.

Memphis, Tennessee 1944

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