Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Dear Mom & Harry (Alaska, Sat. Aug 21, 1943),

Another week has passed and time to write another letter. In the past 3 or 4 days I received one package and 2 letters. One letter dated Aug. 6 and Aug. 9 and the other from Issy. The package contained those long lost bags which zigzagged almost all over the hemisphere before reaching me. I’m using one for my laundry. When I read “Crystal Lake” in the heading of your letter I thought picturesque. I was surprised that it was surrounded by swarms of chickens, kids and mosquitoes. Strange that so far from Detroit and during gasoline rationing that it is so crowded. Harry can claim to be a fisherman having caught a 12 inch fish.

Talk about meals I want to mention the big one here. To eat all put into my mess kitI had to force myself to be a glutton. I felt overstuffed. I decide to diet by missing lunch. I weakened today having a steak weighing about a pound, canned corn, three slices of bread, thick with butter, pudding made of bread, peaches and raisins soaked in something tasting like seet custard. I refrained from taking soup with toast cubes, beans and ground carrots mixed with raisons. I intend to miss supper, though I am going to yield a little by eating some candy on hand and going to the PX for ice cream.

Yesterday I saw “Crash Dive”, in Technicolor. I intentionally missed this in the staes for what I expect it was. The most interesting part was the submarine warfare. The day before I saw “The Human Comedy” which was very good and similar to “Our Town”, but concerning another generation. Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to see “The Moon is Down”.

When I left Seattle I decide to reduce weight and gave up 10 coat hangers. Could you send me that many? That Valet razor you sent during my good old army days in th e”Old Country” is going bad. I bought an army razor, but if you find a replacement send me one.

With that deal brewing between us and Gladfelter, if he won’t reduce his price to $700 I believe it will be better to buy this Black Cross mink anyway. Don’t you think the extra money to make Gladfelter willing to take care of our herd for at least another year is a good idea? If we bought from Ingham and saved $200, that wouldn’t replace the loss if Gladfelter decide to discontinue caring for our mink and I believe we can afford to since our last batch of furs brought in a great deal more than expected.

I have changed my address in all my letters and won’t miss changing it in this one.
Pvt. Edward J. Thomas
ASN 36576155
Service Co., PIR, 153rd Infantry c/o Postmaster
Seattle, Washington
With Love Eddie
Could you send about 12 rolls of #620 film? Half must be Verichrome and the other half Super XX. Tell Issy & Mac I’ll try to answer their letter soon.

Sunday, Aug. 29, Germany seizes the Danish king, and the Danes retaliate by destroying 29 of their ships to keep the Germans from having access.

Sept. 1, 1943 - Bengal, India has had a terrible famine. Three million people would die. India was under British rule and was taking India's resources to aid its war effort.

Catching up on letters - Sept. 4, 1944

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