Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Found this number in Uncle Eddie’s room, some of Aunt Izzy’s stuff.
Dear Issy & Mac: Sun. Mar. 21, 1943

You read all the letters of mom & Harry; so I guess you know most of the details. I am writing this short letter to get one in return because hearing from home is like a good stiff bracer.

The day before yesterday I received two sots in the arm. One was for tetanus toxoid (lock jaw) and the other for yellow fever. After those needles were drawn out, my arm became numb. A few minutes later it felt as if a mule kicked me. The next day I could hardly move my tortured limb. On top of that the day was wet and cold and my whole system was in the dumps. I don’t think I was the only soldier who felt like that, some much younger were worse off than I. This is Sunday morning & and I’m writing this in the Service Club a very spiffy place. The grounds around look like a park on a summer day. Still chilly and drizzly though.

Immunization Record - Tetanus Toxoid - Yellow FeverImmunization Record - Eyes and Teeth
This is all for now. So Long. Ed.
P.S. Show this letter to mom, Harry, Gene, Gertie, Leonard. I try to write something new in each.

Getting used to camp and Anniston, Alabama

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