Edward J. Thomas - World War II

April 5, 1945 Thursday
Ft. Riley, Kansas
Dear Ed,

Will see what I can do about answering your letter of 3,27,45. That I received this week. Yes I do think it was about time that you wrote a letter. I thought you never got my last letter and the only address that I had was in the Aleutains. So you think that it is bad to write where you are at. Must be like it is out here. As I have a permanent pass to and can use it any time that I am not working. That is I have had it four months. I am in the Quartermaster to. Must say it is a lot better then the other outfits that I have been in. It was'nt like the army while my wife was out here with me as I was living in town. I think I am one up on you as we only drill two hours a week. That consists of roll call and then two hours of not a darn thing. But you know how the army is about those things. I am still driving but nights. I come to work and make a buss trip and then drive a staff car until midnight and then we haul four bus loads of P.W's. So you can see that I am not doing to much out here. Well not any more then I have to. I see you have made T/5 good going that is more then I have for four years in the army. Well I hope the marriage is along one to I must say. Why don't you try it some day. Cant
say as I know of anything nicer. It would seem that of the three of us that I got married first. But if I remember right you said that I would well I did. Now the only thing that I want to do is get out of the darn army and be home with her but you can't blame me for feeling that way. Seems as if you find that Mich. is the best place to. You are quite right about it to. I know that I have'nt found any better not yet any way. Well so long for now and don't wait so long to write.

As ever, Dick

Pfc. Richard E. Barrigar 20640287
Service Det. # 1
Ft. Riley, Kansas

Eddie Injured - April 5, 1945

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