Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Dear Mom & Harry, (Alaska Sun, August 15, 1943)

On this Sunday, Aug. 15, 1943 U.S troops have landed on the Aleutian island Kiska, which is one of two (the other is Attu) that is occupied by the Japanese since the 1942 Battle of Midway. But the troops find the island vacated as the Japanese had left by the end of July.

Your letters finally began to dribble in. The first one I got was Harry’s of July 10. A couple of days later I received yours mom of July 8, 23 and Aug. 3 all in one envelope. After a few more days I received one from the Thomas Mink Ranch dated Aug. 3 on letterhead which made me do the Bernard Tango.

Mom I’ll answer your letters first. When the garden is mentioned I think of sweet corn. I was surprised to hear of the birds eating the cherries, but less work for you. The number of gals of wine you can make will be very low.

Are the Detroit lakes crowded like pre-war days? So golf has replaced tennis. I may have to try when I return. Now Harry’s letters and I will keep it short as precious time here. I’m going to get to the show this evening. I just found out “It Ain’t Hay” will be playing so maybe Abbott & Costella can entertain me.

The letterhead looks good. It’s pretty snappy & at the same time conservative. That’s the way I like it. I hope after the war this letterhead will mean much more than just a good front. I’m surprised at the price we got for the mink. I figured $16 average, but $22.67, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

By the address you gave where Richard Barrigar is, I know where he is. I’ll write him and let him know how close. I don’t believe V-mail going to Alaska is handled the same as overseas.

A money order for $60 is enclosed. I’ll wait another month before allotments are deducted from my pay, so I know exactly how much I need here.

Your letter to Gladfelter showed tact. You seem confident our order with Ingham can be canceled. I suppose just forfeit the deposit if not. I’m returning the copy as requested.
With Love Ed.
P.S. Health News-Excellent here, keep yours as good, mom, don’t overwork yourself.

Good eating, movies and more - Sat. Aug. 21, 1943

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