Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Dear Mom & Harry (Alaska, Sun. Oct. 3, 1943)

What happened to me? I waited several weeks to pass with out writing. I received three letters from mom, two from Harry and one from Izzy. I’ve been working overtime, busy. I guiltily went to a show or played checkers when maybe I should have written. Ihave no typewriter at night, they are locked up. Before the office typewriters weren’t locked up. I am sending mimeographed paper to you.

Mom, you talked about your Victory Garden, too bad you didn’t get any plums, corn which is yum with butter. Meals in Alaska are not much different than Memphis(?), except more meat and deserts. Milk is powdered. Most eggs are whole (cold storage) some are powdered. The whole eggs and toast make up the best breakfast I have here.

I can only mention briefly my work, but I’m working in an office. It will be interesting to see Gertie and Gene’s baby when back (Wayne Zimmerman, born in 1942 ?)

How was the play “All in All” you saw? In your third letter, you state how hopeless to get the razor and film. Don’t go to extra trouble, but send if you can find. Izzy is quite the salesman, selling $1000 of bonds like a grocer can sell pounds of butter.

In Harry’s letter he discusses the mink and Gladfelter, and perhaps adding another mink ranch to farm out the mink.

In your second letter Harry, you mention I ought to see some real Yukon Alaskan mink. That reminded me of Stanley saying to some Placer mining. I can’t reply why I haven’t seen any Yukon mink. Another boy has a camera and he used some film for me, so I want some film with different speeds so I can shoot on cloudy as well as sunny days.

Richard Barrigan has written me. I will tell you what he said and Stanley said in his letter, in my next letter. You wanted to know what P.I.R. stands for. It stands for Provisional Infantry Regiment.

The Detroit News has been coming in right along in bunches of two to ten at a time. They are from three to four weeks old when they reach me. I have about ten copies unopened which I may get to after this letter. Two American Fur Breeder magazines have reached me. But it is a hassle to get to the postal office regularly.

If you don’t hear from me, assume I’m busy. Glad all are healthy, me too.
So Long Eddie

P.S. I just received another letter from you. Good news on film. I assume I will get it shortly. The APO & PIR should not be omitted in my address. This letter was held over until Oct 4, so that I could include an $80 money order.

On Wed., Oct. 13 Italy goes to war against Germany.

No Word - 10/17/43

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