Edward J. Thomas - World War II

What has happened since Pfc Edward J. Thomas last wrote:

On Thur., Mar. 23, 1944 New Zealand stop their costly offense to take Monte Cassino, Italy.

On Tue., Apr. 4 the 20th Air Force is put into action.

On Mon., Apr. 10 the Soviets are able to regain control of the Black Sea port of Odessa from Germany.

In preparation of D-Day, just around the corner, Britain curtails diplomatic privileges on
Fri., Apr. 14.

Mon. Apr. 17, a sign in a Seattle restaurant for woman needed to be dishwashers. During WWII it was hard to get help. The author recalls going through microfilms while living in Florida, and looking at the "Gainesville Sun". During the war years of 1942-1945, the newspaper shrunk tremendously in size. Women kept the paper running and they did a great job at it. But with taking care of their families with the husband away at war, and rationing of supplies, gasoline and tires, the newspapers during this time period suffered.

This is presently the last page of the Aleutians. I may insert pages, and I am sure to update pages. This site started early in 2009, it received its new home on Sept. 11, 2009, the 8th anniversary of 9-11. As pages are updated you will be able to see in the lower right of the footer the latest date.

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On Wed., Apr. 26, 1944 Edward J. Thomas writes a new letter from his temporary living quarters in Shelby, Mississippi. As the 153rd Infantry, which Edward is currently in (Arkansas unit) is sent to Camp Shelby, STAY TUNED and learn where Edward will spend the next 15 months of the war.

My uncle Eddie's letter of Sun., Mar. 19, 1944 with its postmark of Sat., Mar. 25, 1944 is the last letter I have as of this date (Tues. Sept. 22, 2009) that Eddie wrote in the Aleutians. I have discussed and inserted his actual typewritten letters (many of them) and not discussed much of the geography of the Aleutians. I intend to do this. It is a 'Work in Progress'. And of course it isn't error free. You may contact me in any of the ways I have given on this site. You may email at: ejt@lettersfromasoldier.com, or use the Contact tab.

Eddie at Camp Shelby, Mississippi

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