Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Dear Issy & Mac Wed. May 5, 43 I think received two letters from you which I haven't answered. Your last letter said you sold twice as many bonds as you were supposed to, you're a good saleswoman. I forgot how you like being a shop steward. Is it taking much of your time?

Bowling an average of 124 isn't bad for 10 (?) games. Keep improving and next year you will be averaging 130. I bowled in Anniston with 153 and 163 scores, and then I forgot how to make the four step delivery and bowled 111.

Tell Harry and mom that maybe tomorrow I'll try to continue the last letter from where I left off. There's talk that we may go out tomorrow in the hills during the night with our put tents. If so I won't be able to write until Saturday or Sunday. I'm sending a couple more banners, one for you and one for Gertie and Gene. I'm writing at a desk in our day room at 10:30 p.m. It's hot. Meals are dull, meatless, butter less, apple sauce for dessert. Guess what covered most my plate? You guessed it, beans. I had some string beans, asparagus and egg plant. The last item I never did taste in Detroit. I don't think I'll miss it when I get back.

Tell mom that I took quite a few pictures with the camera Harry bought, but so far none have come out good.

Tell Harry to renew the Detroit News for one more month. I am enclosing a $40 money order. Please give to mom so she can deposit in my bank account. I don't want to carry so much money here.

With love Ed

Ed's Camping May 9, 1943

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