Edward J. Thomas - World War II

September 2, 1945

Dear Eddie:

Have had another one of my spells during which it is impossible to get myself
started on a letter. However, I can always fall back on the alibi that the
mink business, etc., has kept me too busy. I have even passed the letter writing to mink customers on to Issie. One thing that does take up a lot of time is talking to the people that come over to see the mink. Most of them spend an hour or two gossiping or asking foolish questions.

The results from the 50 cards I sent just before my induction was cancelled
was 3 platinum kit males, 2 silver sable males, and 1 black cross male sold for a total ot $750.

We just got a telegram from the fellow near New York saying that he would be here either today or tomorrow (Labor Day). He didn't say whether he would pick the mink up then or just look them over. It won't hurt us any even if he decides to cancel the order as I have had to turn down orders for females. Also, If you get out of the army before next spring, we could take care ot more females than we have right now.

September 3, 1945: 6:.00 P.M.

The fellow hasn't shown up yet and if he doesn't come within the next two hours it will be too dark to see the mink.

Just read some good news in todays paper. THE ARMY IS GOING TO DISCHARGE ALL MEN OVER 35 WITH TWO OR MORE YEARS OF SERVICE IMMEDIATELY. This changes the whole picture. I believe now that it is entirely possible to keep as many as 100 females over for next year, providing you can make it a full time job. As it stands right now, we will have 60 of our own females. I think it would be a good idea if we would buy about 25 additional black or half-blood females. This would give us a total of about 85 females. Counting on an average of 4 kits next year we would have 340 kits. We would probably have to make a move out of town before the breeding season, however since 600 mink would no doubt be a little too much for the city.

Have just fixed up the tennis court in first-class shape and have practiced
doing some serving. Gene and I are very anxious to take you apart after reading your boastful statement about being able to lick us when you get back.

This will probably be the last letter to you in the army as we no doubt will
be seeing you soon if the army uses tne dictionary's definition of the word

So long, Harry

Wed. Sep 5 The British Armed Forces land in Indochina.

Sun. Sep 9 finds Japan surrendering its forces in south-east asia to Mountbatten.

Eddie Anxious to Leave

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