Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Dear Eddie, Tuesday, Jun 22, 1943

I got through washing dishes and writing in regards to the telegram we received Thursday Jun 17 at 5 am, read over the phone. It was your new address in Pennsylvania:
                   Co. A. 12th Batt. 3rd Regt. Strd. Sharpsville Penn.
                   Notify Detroit News, Letter will follow.

That same day Harry wrote you a letter about our trip to Sawton, Ohio and the mink. Mom wrote her bit too and sent a box to Alabama the day you left containing 18 candles, 4 pkg of cigarettes, gum, cookies, 6 batteries, pencils, tablet, pocket knife (which might come in handy to sharpen pencils). Also, candy harry sent.

Hot weather and some wish for the rain again. Harry sent telegram yesterday to see if okay to see you over the weekend. We were going to take your care so we could use it after we leave the boat and now it is 11 o’clock, Jun 22 and no answer from you. Please explain the telegram we received from Sharpesville as it has puzzled us.

P.S. I reopened this letter to say that we received your telegram at 12:30. So we will plan for our visit with you Eddie.

Mom & Harry


Cutting Sod - Jun 22, 1943

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