Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Dear Mom & Harry (Alaska, Sat. Sept. 4, 1943),

It’s about time for me to write another letter because I have received three from you which I haven’t answered. Your letter mom of Aug. 15 reached me about six days ago. You are wondering about those bugs you sent then. I believe I wrote you that I received them.

I was interested about your visit to Gladfelter and what you thought of his black-cross mink. I bet Gladfelter feels pretty bad about his misjudgment in selling his pelts too early. He might have been able to get $5000 more.

So my newly discovered cousin is in England! I don’t know whether to envy him, seeing more than I can here. (Many of the soldiers stationed in England are later sent to Normandy, D-Day next year, on June 6, 1944.)

Your other letter of Aug 25 was delivered to me Sept. 2. In it I found a letter from one of the boys who occupied the same hut as I did in Alabama. I thought he had been shipped to Australia but from his letter I find that he’s in the same part of Alaska I am. I’ll have to drop him a line and let him know my address. He’s a Detroit boy about 21 years old. His parents live near Medburg and Chase (Sp?) He is Polish and attended St. Stanislaus School. If anyone can beat this boy in drinking beer, I’d like to know who it is.

Harry, I received your letter of Aug 16, four days ago. Apparently you feel like you’re writing for nothing. Don’t worry I am getting your letters.

I was again filled with pride at the sight of another of our letterheads. I’m trying very hard not to feel like a Babbitt. But too late, I’m ready to mingle with the Elks and the Chamber of Commerce. Of the two letterheads, the latter I believe has a slight lead in symmetry.

In your 2nd paragraph you asked me some questions of my work. I’d like to answer but do not believe it is permissible. Your hectic golfing seems to be spreading over more courses in Detroit. You mentioned your comical match with Gene and the bumblebees.

My first copy of American Fur Breeder arrived. I will read when I finish two library books due soon. I noticed an article on Chinchillas. It seems prices are low.

So Long Eddie
P.S. I’d like to have Reader’s Digest sent to me. How about getting me a subscription? Mom, I’ll have to leave questions on the weather unanswered.

On Wed., Sept. 8 Italy surrenders and joins in the war against Germany. BBC audio

Fri., Sept. 10 German troops enter Rome and German troops also disarm Italian troops.

Sun., Sept. 12 Mussoini is resuced from an Italy prison by German troops.

Mon, Sept. 13, Chiang Kai-shek becomes president of China.

Tues. Sept. 21 theu U.S. Congress passes the Fulbright Resolution - "favoring the creation of appropriate international machinery with power adequate to establish and to maintain a just and lasting peace"

Catching up on letters - Oct 3. 1943

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