Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Dear Eddie, Thursday, May 27, 1943

We got your pictures; sorry we couldn't find a better camera. Harry and I looked around Mt. Clemens while we were looking at farms. Izzy had better luck finding one at a jewelry store for $2.95. We told her to buy it. It was one dollar more than the other camera, but a pretty good camera.

We had to laugh at your May 9th letter, it was very interesting. It sure sounds like you are enjoying it, even with the hard drilling at boot camp. We couldn't make the trip to Alabama because I got a bad cold. If we did the trip, we would have used your car and used 'A' books, counting yours, but if Mac wasn't going the three of us would have taken the train or bus. It's better to wait until you're done with basic training.

Harry got four batteries, but can't get more because they aren't being made. So we will wait until you ask for them, so you will have to conserve. I planted some vegetable seeds. We never heard of bread plant but I have heard of hominy. I was told that hominy was not very good. We planted peas, lima beans, green beans, wax beans, onions, beats, lettuce and corn. We will plant tomatoes and other vegetables this weekend.

"My Friend Flicka" still has not come to Detroit. The "Ox Bow Incident" with Henry Fonda must be new. We went for a drive last Sunday, and probably drove 100 miles. We picked stones for Harry and flowers for Izzie. Trees are in bloom.

We stopped at an empty farm home with a barn across the road. It has ten acres and a lake behind the barn. Izzie loved it but Harry didn't. We know you like the Rochester area so we will check farms between lake Orion and Rochester. Prices are high but maybe will drop after the War is over.

Are you getting the Detroit News? We forgot to renew yet. Ford's son has died at age 49. (Edsel Ford)

Love Mother & Harry
P.S. Let us know if you get the camera.


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