Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Dear Ed, Wednesday, June 2, 1943

We received your most welcome letter and mom read it and bought the articles right away and we just got back from the airport mailing your packages.

25 days of rain we have had. We ate supper at the airport. Yesterday they had a young cyclone blowing things. Pretty nice Decoration Day in between rain drops.

We went for a ride with mom and harry and it was beautiful and we walked in the woods. Harry dug up wild flowers for my rock garden. We went to the show last week to see “Moon”, “Sixpence” and “Bambi”.

I hope you get to go to a nice place after basic training. I hope I can go with mom and Harry to visit you. Harry is taking mom to see “My Friend Flicka” at the Fox Theater. It also will be at the Lux Theater the week after.

Harry found four batteries for you. I’m also sending some airmail envelopes since Harry thinks they see them better than plain envelopes.

Izzy & Mac

P.S. Hope you can get a furlough soon. Don’t let the maneuvers get you down.

Bivouac - Jun 7, 1943

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