Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Two Letters- But I am giving each its own web page
Letter 2

Dear Mom & Harry, Thursday, Nov 25, 1943 (The United States Congress made Thanksgiving a national holiday, to be on the fourth Thursday of November. Note: since President Abraham Lincoln’s time- Thanksgiving had been celebrated on the last Thursday of November. FDR changed this to the third Thursday in 1939, 1940 and 1941)

This is Thanksgiving. A couple of hours ago I finished Thanksgiving dinner. It was good but not like home. With my empty mess kit, I had three or four slabs of white turkey meat, some dressing, gravy, sweet potatoes, carrots, one biscuit, ice cream and pumpkin pie. There were additional foods on the table such as pickles, olives, bread, jam, butter, chocolate, layer cakes, apples and oranges. I didn’t think I could eat supper. However that is 1 ½ hours away and I am slowly changing my mind. With 530 rolls around I’ll be waiting and hoping for some more turkey. I have gone from 150 pounds to 168 ½ pounds, with more food and less activity. I may reach 170 or more now.

Mom, I received your Nov. 8  letter and was surprised that one of my letters made you think I felt hurt when you asked why I didn’t write more. I guess I was a little careless in my writing.

It looks like a good batch of films in the future. Judging by the action in “This Land of Mine”, “Young Mr. Pitt” and “Here to Hold”, I can safely hope to find then three or four star movies. It’ll probably be another month, though before they come here. There have been so many poor pictures here, especially war pictures.

Mom, please use APO #948 on my address, else it may travel all over Alaska before coming to me. The censorship regulations now allow me to give you my approximate location. I believe you thought I was on the mainland, me too, but I’m on one of the Aleutian Islands. I wish I could give you a description but I can’t. All I can say is that when I’m on a high hill it’s possible for me to see two bodies of water at the same time, The Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

The list of articles I gave in a previous letter was a Christmas suggestion; since I have received my Christmas gifts I have no need, except for Hill’s cold tablets. They always are handy. Karakul sheep mentioned in one of our fur magazines might bear looking into as a side business.

 I am sending a copy of a letter to Stanley. Harry what are you doing now at Hudsons? Mom, tell Izzy & Mac I received their Nov. 8 (Monday) letter.

The worst fighting in the Pacific Theater to date has finally freed Tarawa Sun, Nov. 28. The allied country leaders are in Teheran, Iran for three days.

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