Edward J. Thomas - World War II

From Pfc. Richard E. Barrigar
Btry. B. 2/0 C.a. AA1 (?)
A.P.O. 980 Seattle, Wash

To Mr. Harry Thomas (No letter, just a postmark June 30, 1943??)

Note: A piece of news about Camp Shenango that happened July 1943, and I am not sure Edward would have been at the camp, as he leaves July 9, 1943 for his assigned work location. 

U.S. Army
Barrack 1176
Ft. Lawton
Seattle, Washington

Dear Mom & Harry, Wed. July 14, 1943

On Friday, July 9 at Shenango, PA we thought our trip would be postponed again and most of us put on our fatigues in the morning. Another fellow and I were the only ones that believed we were to leave at 7:30 a.m. and the only ones who put on the regular brown army uniforms. After breakfast I changed back to fatigues. As soon as I did an officer came in wanting to know why we weren’t ready to leave. We should already be heading with our belongings to the train.

In a mad scramble everyone packed their things after changing clothes. We all struggled under the load of 2 barracks bags for about ½ mile to trucks which carried the bags to the train. We marched in front of a band all the way to the tracks and boarded a train that was to be our home for the next five days.

Our train took a round about route to Seattle. We traveled through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. United States map with train route PA to WA

First snow-capped mountains I saw in my life were near Denver. I just mailed a bag parcel post package with things not absolutely necessary. Let me know if you receive them in good condtion?

Don’t write to the address in this letter, it’s only temporary. Wait until you get my address in a postal card. Let me know what parts of the letter gets censored, so I have an idea.

I had a pretty good time looking at the scenery. I believe I’ll be seeing more interesting parts of the world. I hope I come across Richard.
So Long Eddie.
P.S. When writing me please include my serial number ASN 36576155 (ASN stand for Army Serial Number)

Pv. Edward Thomas
ASN 36576155
Co. L 138th Infantry
APO 948
C/O Postmaster
Seattle, Washington

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