Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Dear Ed, Monday, Jun 21, 1943

We received your letter today. It was some sendoff for you in Alabama. “Are you certain you didn’t get drunk on all that beer foam? I had a tooth pulled so on aspirin. I’m eating strawberries. Mom and I picked 60 quarts and probably have another 60 quarts to go.

I went with mom and Harry to Ohio. We looked at Gladfelter’s place. It was beautiful and he had beautiful Platinums. He also had some Black-Crosss and Sable with their pretty silver flecks all over them .

Eddie, have you asked about a furlough yey? She’s also heard that Personnel Replacement Center means those suited for office work.

My pool has 6 goldfish and waterfalls. I am working six days a week. I hope the Army transfers you to a nice place.

Dear Eddie - Jun 22, 1943

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