Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Sun. Feb 4-5 My sixth grade teacher Mr. DesRoches, living today in Michigan crosses the equator for the first time serving on a naval ship.

Written on Valentine's Day card by Eddie, postmarked in Memphis on 12 Feb. 1945, 8:30 PM Monday.

Valentine's Day Card - 1945

Valentine's Day Card (inside) 1945

Mom: I received the $5.00 enclosed with the Valentine you sent me. The gift is apprecitated very much. It will be added to my reserve fund which has mounted to something like $50 already. It's the first time I have ever saved anything extra in Memphis. I don't know how long the fund will last. It may grow continuously or be wiped out suddenly. Circumstances will tell.

I picked up my finished photograph which I had taken at Goldsmith's Department Store. It will be sent to you in a couple of days. Wheen I first looked at it, I said to myself, "What a mushy expression! I am smiling like a simp." Don't display the photograph after you receive it. HIDE OR DESTROY IT.

Harry: I just hate to think of the extra work you have on your hands with the mink. I wish I were there to help you.

Izzy: In a week or two I'll send you a couple more cartons of cigarets & more films if I can buy any more.


Harry writes to Eddie - Valentine's Day 1945

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