Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Dear Eddie, Mon May 17, 1943 I (Harry) can take a two week vacation anytime. We want to come down, maybe Monday. Airmail your response. Izzy might come to if she can get leave. Dear Eddie, Mon May 17, 1943 Three parcels for Eddie, some hand cream, lotion and hankies Harry and I went for a ride around Flatrock looking for farms. I will send camera and three rolls of film to you tomorrow. Harry has sent mink furs to New York to put in cold storage to sell in September. Mr. Gladfelter says to sell fur before the new fur gets to market. We drove by Inkster mink farm but cages were empty, and all the mink killed except for 10. The man said he couldn't get horsemeat. Grandma is finished cleaning house. She says the camera works well, but use no more than 10 feet away since figures will be smaller otherwise.

Most close now. Love Mother

Letters May 19, 1943

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