Edward J. Thomas - World War II

During WWII the idea was thought up to conserve precious cargo space whenever possible. V-mail was an application of this. Soldiers would write letters and these letters were then put on microfilm. This reduced the weight considerably. This was a practice that began in England, and in April of 1943 was started in the U.S. Military. Individual facsmiles would be recreated at the receiving end, though a quarter of it's original size.

Hence the below is very hard to read. The author will try to read the orignal and retranscribe it entirely. Until that time you are welcome to the full-size scanned image. V-Mail from Pfc. Richard A. Vasley February 16, 1945

V-Mail Pfc. Richard A. Vasley

Mon. Feb 19 Marines from the US land on Iwo Jima after 72 days of bombing.

Eddie's Letter to Mom - February 21, 1945

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