Edward J. Thomas - World War II

June 13, 1943 Postmark – Edward sends his Ford Motor Company check and a letter to Mom & harry

Letter from Ford Motor Company dates Thursday, May 27, 1943

Sending Edward Thomas $96.32 vacation pay through may 31, 1943), Also some 16 pictures (I think of Eddie but of poor quality)

Dear Mom & Harry Saturday, June 12, 1943

Edward talks about Gladfelter and Harry and his mink.

Bivouac ended Thursday, June 10, 1943. Trip back only took 3 ½ hours.

I am leaving Monday, June 14 for places unknown. Shipping orders are sealed. Mom what size socks. I’m size 38 for shirts, shorts.

I have today and tomorrow (Sunday) free, so I am going to the PX to buy Reader’s Digest & ice cream. Then I am going to see “False Faces”.

Dad has taken mom to see “My Friend Flicka”.

I am sending my check to mom and I am also increasing my army insurance from $5,000 to $10,000. Most do this and it costs $6.75 per month.

The Train to Camp Shenango in Greenville, Pennsylvania - June 14, 1943

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