Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Two letters
Harry’s typewriter

Dear Eddie, Thursday, Jun 17, 1943

We got your telegram and surprised to see that you are much closer to home. You can get home by going to Cleveland and then over Lake Erie by boat.Monday, Issie and I picked up Genie and along with 100 pound bag(s) of Purina cereal, we went to Gladfelters traveling about 40 to 45 mph. We got there at 12 noon.

We looked at mink and talked shop. We left at 3 pm going about 45 to 50 mph. Genie got a big kick out of it, especially after winning about 17¢ on one of the slot machines in a lunch room between Swanton and Toledo.

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2nd Letter
Dear Eddie, Thursday, Jun 17, 1943

Eddie you wear 11 ½- 12 socks. We don’t believe your short size is 38 when your waist is 32. Mom is picking strawberries and she did enjoy “My Friend Flicka”.

Letter to Issy & Mac - Jun 18, 1943

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