Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Saturday – 7:00 p.m. (September 29, 1945)

Dear Eddie,

I don’t know but you may be home before you receive this letter but here goes--We received your picture and it certainly is a very good one of you—I still say you look like Tyrone Powers, that handsome movie start—Everyone wonders who the good-looking soldier is sitting on my radio—Ahem! Feels good to say He’s my brother—

Wayne just put Gene’s pipe in his mouth and said he was going to work- He’s really a case – Gene is working in the basement – I don’t know whether he’s cleanin’ up or messin’ up. Anyway it sounds like something –

Glad to hear that you are going to be discharged – Best news I’ve heard since V-J day –

It seems like we’re all to be together for the holiday – Whoopee! We’ll really celebrate – In fact I think I’ll get inebriated (sp) in fact I think I’ll suggest we all get that way. What do you think? I think we’re due for a celebration.

Connie and Leonard are patently waiting for the stork to arrive – and we are all biting are fingernails with them – Her baby is due any day.

Saw the family last Sunday – Isabelle hasn’t sold her house yet – But she’s certainly sold her odds and ends in a hurry – so far to date I’ve bought about seventy dollars worth myself at bargain prices. Evertime we leave moms – it looks like we’re moving out. I do hope she gets her price on the house. Real Estate is at its boom right now. I wish we could sell the dump (pardon the expression) we’re living in – We certainly could set our own price and get it – If we only had a place to move to –

Genie is out peddling his Saturday nite papers – Quite a business man – Makes about nine dollars a week and the feel of money makes him feel happy = It sure tickled him about your being a Sergeant – and saying hello to yourself.

Well Eddie I guess my youngest should be off to bed and then we’re go to the show – Two good features at the neighborhood theatre – “A tree Grows in Brooklyn” is one of them – I heard it was rather wonderful – Did you see it? I read the book and found it very interesting. But sad –

Hope to see you before you can write again – I don’t know why it takes so long to be discharged – I guess it’s a lot easier getting in, hug?

Write soon.

Love - Gertie

P.S. Genie just walked in and he asked me who I was writing to. I told him and he said Hi! Sarg – with a look of satifaction on his face.

As ever G.

Sat. Sep 29 The Dutch and the British land in Java.

Honoarable Discharge

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