Edward J. Thomas - World War II

To Private Edward J. Thomas, Dear Eddie, (Fri. Apr. 30, 1943) (Note-Easter was April 25, 1943)

Harry told you I (Victoria) was down with a cold. It has been raining lately. And mom though sick has planted some seeds; radishes, lettuce, carrots and beets, before Easter. Most vegetables are up.

Genie is spending his Easter vacation with us and doesn't want Gene to get him yet. Gene is on vacation and doing work around home. Mac got his car and looks like a new one.

Victoria is taking Genie to go get her glasses. They went to the 5 and 10 cent store walking upstairs and downstairs and in the basement, bought a few books and ate lunch in one of the stores. They were home at 2 p.m. and tired.

Mac called and we went to pick Izzie at work and from there we went shopping. When home we had a hurried up dinner because Harry wanted to go to a movie. We went to a Royal Oak show and saw "The Palm Beach Story" and "Omaha Trail". The movies were pretty good.

We received your pictures, Eddie and you look pretty good, and looks like you have put on a few pounds. I'm sorry that the cookies were broken. I'm wondering about the Easter cookies sent? I'm wondering if I put in enough sugar? (Easter is past based on the Apr. 30 date?)

We haven't looked for farms lately, but will go southwest. Trees are starting to get leaves. Harry wants to send a small checker board if you want. I'm renewing your Etude magazine.

Izzy & Mac letter Apr. 30, 1943

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