Edward J. Thomas - World War II

May 10th 1945 Thursday

Dear Eddie:

I received your V-mail of April 7th this afternoon, got on the ball an so I figured I'd answer as soon as I could.

I was very glad to hear that your still holding your stenographer job, well I hope you get to stay in the states always. This life away from home and your girl friends gets monotonous, its so dull that I still can't believe this war is over yet. Although Gerrie columns are coming all day long,it sure is funny to see them driving and walking down the streets, jsut as they probably did in 1918. Well, all I'll have to worry about now is that C.B.O. theatre, but I hope before I go I get a furlough. When do you think you'll get home on leave?

Well how are you feeling these days? I'm feeling fine and happy, now there won't be any shells to worry about. How did yo celebrate the ending of the war with Germnay? I hope you didn't get slopppy drunk, for I was in the house and pulling my duty as usual. The Blackout has been restricted for us now, it feels rather strange to see the trucks with their headlights on.

I was thru Saafeld, Jocketa and Plauen, boy everyone of these towns was big, Plauen of course was very badly damaged, I don't think our Bombers missed a building.

View Larger Map  Saafeld and Plauen are just below Leipzig with Jocketa toward the East of these two cities close to Czechoslovakia. It isn't showing on the map. Berlin is about 100 miles to the northeast of Lepzig.

I received my oversea bar and campaign star about two weeks ago, so if that point system works out I might have a good chance of being sent back to the states. I sure wish that Japan was whipped now. I'm no more in the third army but now in the 1st army, no difference but a change in Armies. I walk on a patrol in this town, saying that everthing is in order and so on. We have nice challets, a home that has beds for each of us boys and hot water whenever we need it. The weather has been very nice, with sunshine making it warm.

Till next time good luck and God bless you.

Your Buddy, Dick

Fri. May 11 Australia is busy taking Japan's last base Wewak in New Guinea. Also Germans in Austrai and Czechoslovakia surrender.

Good Conduct Medal

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