Edward J. Thomas - World War II

USA Army; Co. A. 12th Bn
3rd Rgt. , S.P.R.D.
Greenville, PA

Dear Issy & Mac Friday, Jun 18, 1943

Bivouac ended June 10, Thursday night. I handed in my equipment the next day, such as haversacks, cartridge belts, bayonets, rifles. On June 12 we had a farewell party. The mess hall tables were arranged in long rows, with white sheets and filled with beer and trays of butterless tomatoes and baloney sandwiches. Officers gave speeches telling how great the troops were and all clapped with pride.

I like the new locale in PA though not as pretty. The food is tastier and more leisure time. I read some of my Reader’s Digests after cleaning my barracks.

Dear Eddie - Jun 21, 1943

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