Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Dear Eddie, Monday May 24, 1943

Sorry to hear that mom and I won't be able to see you in Alabama. After a long hike you won't have much time left in Alabama. (Eddie left Detroit March 12, 1943 - or about 10 weeks and 3 days ago.) Your 14 page letter came a couple of days before your airmail letter and your detailed description of your maneuvers was very interesting.

The daily grind at Hudson's seems dull. Mom, Izzy and I took a trip to a farm three south of Holly. It is 35 miles from home. The farm was described as 80 rolling acres on a lake. There were no signs of a lake, and land did not look very good. We saw some nice farms near Loon Lake. There is a chain of ten small lakes connected to Loon Lake. As we went through the countryside I was reminded of the trip through the UP (upper peninsula of Michigan). Gasoline rationing has taken its effect on country life and turned it back 20 years. Farmers we passed were unusually interested and seemed anxious to give some sort of greeting. There probably not many people cruising through now and a farmer's life is probably lonely.

Gladfelter phoned advising us to sell our pelts now before fresh pelts are put on the market. Prices are to the ceiling and many bidders are leaving empty-handed. I shipped the 78 pelts on May 11 to be placed on the August 30 sale, the last sale before December.

I found out the flashlight I sent you was worth 79 cents, in case you haven't settled with the fellow yet in your camp. Mom and I are interested in seeing your pictures. Go ahead and throw that first camera we sent you away if it's no good. The second camera is guaranteed to be ok. We haven't seen "My Friend Flicka" yet.

Love Harry & Mom

P.S. I sent some blank checks.

Mom - 2nd Camera May 27, 1943

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