Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Dear Mom & Harry, Sunday, May 23

Mom, don’t come down to visit until after bivouac. We will be having war games in Morrisville (sp). I also have to take swimming lesson which is eating up my evening time.

Ration Book

War Ration CertificateWar Ration Stamps

Probably by Jun 13, a Sunday I should be done. I wonder if you will have enough gas and whether travel is allowed from state to state. (Ed talks about using ‘C’ book gas stamps)

Two new foods I have been introduced in this southern training camp. They are hominy and bread plant. Hominy looks like overgrown rice and has no taste. Bread plant tastes like water soaked pancakes.

I received a couple of letters from Gertie and Ford Motor Company. Ford has vacation money coming for Eddie.

Eddie talks about eating in his letter and right now he is eating a pint of ice cream, one of his favorite deserts. There is a lot of ice cream in the army and I eat about a pint a day.

It’s been raining but now stopped. I am going to the fort library which is more up-to-date than the Detroit Main Library. I’m going to a movie after dinner, “OxBow Incident with Henry Fonda. Harry, don’t let mom miss “My Friend Flicka”!

I’m closing now and I may not be able to write much while on bivouac.

Letter to Issy & Mac May 23, 1943

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