Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Wed. - Noon Jun 27, 1945

Dear Ed:

My youngest one is about asleep so have some time too spare - I'm sitting here and eating one of those delicious chocalate bars and putting our more ad voír dupois (sp) - Yum. Yum - It was sure swell of you think about sending them - the kids love them as much as I do -

They arrived in excellent condition - Not one of them had been damaged or melted - So thanks a million - You know I haven't seen a Hershy Bar for month s in any of the stores.

I guess your really preparing for some hot weather, Eh. Sunday here was really a scorcher - It was 95° in the sun - Since then its been pretty cool. To top it off I caught a heck of a summer cold - My nose is like a red cherry and I cough like I had consumption - what a time to get a cold, huh?

Genie has gone down to the Crystal pool swimming - He's begged me , for the last week to consent to him going and I finally gave in - I hope nothing happens. I think mothers usually want to keep their children as close to them for as long as possible. I can't realize that Genie will soon be a young man -

Gene gets a weeks vacation starting July 1st - He'll spend it painting his house. What a vacation. So he's not looking forwar to it in the least -

Saw mom and the rest of the folks last week Sunday on the way home from Belle Isle. We went over to see the "Invasion of Bella Jeroja" (sp) - It was so very realistic - that women screamed and fainted - You might have read about this in your paper - Quite an event. The planes dived in barely missing the trees and buildings and the noise and bombing were terrific - I guess we got a slight taste of what a few of those European countries have had for years -

We plan to go to Burrough Farms for the 4th of July day - Picnic you know -

Eddie, I don't blame you in the least for not taking the Washington position - for I'd probably be in for the duration or more - If you knew you''d have the same chances on leaving as you have there - I think I'd would of made the change - I think it would be rather interesting working in Washington - You could really go sightseeing and visit all the states around it - which are very interesting -

Well, Eddie I've reached the end - so I'll say so long for now - and thanks again for the candy - Write and tell us all the new -

Love, Gertie

Surprise Party for a Sergeant

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