Edward J. Thomas - World War II

An envelope from Izzy to Eddie stamped May 19, 1943 at 4:30 p.m. Nothing inside.

To Mr. Harry Thomas Dear Mom & Harry, Wed. May, 19 1943

I just received your airmail of May 17. It will be a very bad time to come see me because a week from next Sunday we start two week bivouac camping hike, May 30 and remain away from camp for almost 14 days. Next week we have a general inspection. We usually have Sunday's free but this Sunday me be spent getting ready for bivouac. I might be free after bivouac. With love, Ed P.S. I hope you have by this time subscribed to the Detroit News, because I think will be receiving mail on the bivouac. I miss the paper a lot and it's been two weeks since I received my last copy.

Mom & Bowling

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