Edward J. Thomas - World War II

Dear Eddie, Wednesday, Jul 7, 1943

We received your letter a few days ago. Sorry that you could have had Monday free. We would have been able to get a stateroom. All were taken before we got to the boat and we had to sleep in our chairs.

Harry and I (Monday) went to the Fisher Theater last night and saw “Amazing Mrs. Holliday” and “Reap the Wilt Wind”. We thought ‘B’ pictures. Don’t know if you have seen these movies?

Gertie and gene were over on Monday for a few hours. We have been having hot days cooled by rain. It has been cold enough to have the furnace on a couple of mornings.

The garden is doing well, but needs weeding and hoeing. I went shopping for bags you wanted but found only white and you wanted dark. So on Monday I bought some yards of cloth and am making five bags for you. I am also sending two camera screens.

Love Mother & Harry

Letter to Mom Jul 8

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