Edward J. Thomas - World War II


15 June 1945 Friday

Dear EJ,

Do not wrestle with your self at such an opportunity. Washington DC
is a place for you. You don't have to worry about all the work that you
will have to do in the orderly room. The same old routine of making out a
daily memo (strictly an easy job for you but so hard to the fellows who
are now making it out), posting of a few regulations and circulars etc.
Same stuff as the l53d etc. Passes three out of four nights, three day
passes every two months and a ten day furlough each six months. Besides
that there is no drilling outside of a parade every Saturday when the boys
march to the college to work and now they have a calisthenics drill every
morning. Maybe TD will stay in Memphis with the rebels (ha ha) but you will
enjoy DC. Mikenas is not overseas on TDY with Stillwell. The orderly room
has five EM working in it now but outside of a T Sgt and myself the other
guys are not worth a darn. Makes the work twice as hard for we two and your coming here will alleviate the situation immensely. Mikenas' being overseas doesn't help us in the least.

Just got a rumor that the age limit would drop to 37 and points to 80.
How many points have you and how old are you? If you are below 37 we can
have you trfd here. If over, sorry they won't do it now. My pending discharge fell through. The War Dept was talking about giving EM whose wives were pregnant an extra 12 points and that along with my present total of 74 would have boosted me over the limit but it was all squashed and so I am still a soldier. (Not even a reasonable facsimile of same though)

If you decide that you want to come here and you are under 37 with no
pending discharge on points, send me an immediate reply.

Tec 4 Chris

Note: Edward is 35 years old.

Stanley Writes to Edward - June 17, 1945

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