James Fortune ~Vietnam

May 25, 69 (Sun)

Dear Chris,

It is Sunday evening and I am not much tonight, but thinking of you and everyone at home wondering what they are doing. Here it is 9 oclock at night so in Michigan it is about 11 in the morning May 24. It is quite a time change between us.

I got your letter Friday. I was so glad to hear from you. About the pictures Thursday I am getting some pictures then I promise to send you a couple. The pictures were taken while I was in the so they aren't really all that great. I was working on a generator at the time they were taken. I will get some better ones taken soon. I hope that you will send me a picture so that I won't feel quite so lonely. Jim Fortune Hooch 274?Jim Fortune Hooch 274?Jim Fortune Korea

I have some good news about me coming home. My leave came through for August the 10th. Sounds really cool, doesn't it. I can hardly wait until then. I wonder what it will be like to see home once more. The last time was home was in December. That seems like such a long time ago. Come to think about it, I will have been in the army a year September the 4th. Man how time flies by.

I hope that in August you and I can go out a couple of times and have some fun. As long as you and I have known each other we have never gone out. I hope that we can have our first date together in August. Well Chris I will close for now I have to get my uniform ready for tomorrow and I have to shine my boots yet too. Have a nice Labor Day.

Tell hello everyone for me.

Your friend,

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