James Fortune ~Vietnam

Apr. 1969 ~ 33,629 Americans have died in Vietnam exceeding the total number lost in the Korean War.

April 6, 1969

Easter Sunday in Korealetter today. And Easter yet. It is a nice gift to get on Easter. I realy enjoyed getting mail from you. I hope you, keep writing. It  gets so lonely that I can't hardly stand it. I love to read your letters and every body elses too.

I am not doing a hole lot today. This morning I went to church in Seoul. They have a beautiful Catholic church there. I was surprised. The priest said mass in English, there were a lot Amercains there. Then after church me and a friend of mind here went to a real nice restaurant and had dinner. It was really a nice time. Tonight I am going to the club and have a few drinks and maybe dance a little.

I am sorry to here about you and dad, but I guess it is kind of like Terrie and me. Once I had hoped that Terrie and I could work things out. We tried but being so many miles apart all the time just didn't fit into the picture. I can understand her feelings as well as yours. I know that a young girl like you or Terrie can't just sit at home all the time. I know that I can't anyway. I think that you should write him and let him know how you feel. It is better to let him know rather than just not write anything.

I hope to come home in August for a while. I want to see everyone and see my parents new home. My brother is living with them now. It isn't too far from where you live. It is just off Dupont  on Race Street. Now I know I will come home and see you for sure when I come home in August. Maybe now you can go out with me. Now that you and Ed aren't going stedy anymore. I sure hope so. We have been good friends for so long. Let's not stop now. Well Chris I will close for now. I promise to write more often from now on.

a friend always,

Letter to home ~ 4 May 19699

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