James Fortune ~Vietnam

July 6, 1969,
Sunday 7:30 pm

Dear Chris,

I got another letter from you today and that makes two from you in two days. I guess I must be lucky. It has been a long weekend, but I have enjoyed it. I hope you did too, but I must say that I wish you and I could have been together. I havn't been really doing a lot, mostly staying sober. I got a money order from my mother and father. It was for 75 dollars. I got it to help me come home. I will be so happy to see you and my family. It won't be much longer before I get home. I know that the time will just fly by until I get home, because I am going to the field from the 14th to the 26th. The time always flies by in the field.

Well it was getting to dark to see, so I am inside now. It gets dark really early over here and tomorrow I have to get some shots. Oh boy, and the needles are so darn big, and the shots are for malaria.

In your other letter you asked how long I have left in the army. Well I have now 26 months left. And you also asked me how long I will stay in Vietnam. Well the truth is nobody knows for sure until orders come back from the Department of the Army. But I'm pretty sure I will only be there for six or seven months, which is fine with me. When I get next month I will be home for 25 days of fun. I hope that you and I can have a really good time. Well Chris I will close for now.

P.S. Write soon

Seoul Korea Zoo

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