James Fortune ~Vietnam

29 June, 69 (Sun)

Dear Chris,

It is a very hot Sunday afternoon. I just got up a little while ago. The reason is why, cause I worked all night with wrecker.

Not much to do today. All my buddies are out on passes now. So I thought it would be a good idea to write you a letter. So what is new in Flint that I don't know about? I hope not very much cause then I might get lost in Flint or something. Just think 39 days and will be home. Boy that sounds great. But I hope when I do get home that the time doesn't fly by as it does here. But I have a feeling that it will by twice as fast. It always does. The first thing I am going to do when I get off the plane in the state is to call my folks, then call you and you had better be home too.

Well tomorrow is payday. So we won't be working. Then Friday is the 4th of July so we won't work Friday or Saturday. Boy that's great. Just work three days in one week. But the rotten part of July is the 14th, 8th Army is moving onto the 26th and guess who will be working about 14 and 16 hours a day. No other than Jim and Half-stepper. Half-stepper is what I call my wrecker, the reason is because it is so old and ready to be junked.

Well Chris I will bring this letter to a close for now. Be good and remember that I miss you.


How Long Will Jim be in Vietnam

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