James Fortune ~Vietnam - Cambodian Incursion

President Richar M. Nixon ~ Invasion of Cambodia, April 39, 1970Apr. 30, 1970 (Thur) ~ President Nixon speaks to Americans. He is telling a very surprised Americans & the world that the United States has begun an invasion of Cambodia. With South Vietnamese forces the U.S. military would invade Cambodia with the sole pupose to destroy important North Vietnamese and Vietcong supplies. This day will be pivotal in the coming months as popularity in the war already dwindling will be further eroded.

May 1, 1970 (Fri) ~ Early casualty of the Cambodian Incursion - Keith Sam Arneson SP/4 of Portland, Oregon

Posted on 4/27/15 - by Gary Mill Keith Sam Arneson ~ R.I.P. May 1, 1970
We grew up together, but attended Roosevelt High School. We fished together and camped out in our backyards together. I loved him like a brother. We were going to do the Route 66 thing when we got out of the Army. Keith died a month before I left for Viet Nam. Great guy and way to young to go. I think of him every week ( since 1970). Love you Keith.

Posted on 1/13/13 - by Robert Sage

Keith is buried at Skyline Memorial Gardens, Portland, OR. BSM PH
- See more at: http://www.vvmf.org/Wall-of-Faces/1432/KEITH-S-ARNESON#sthash.siouUedY.dpuf

Keith Sam Arneson - High School Athlete - Portand, Oregon


Very nice guy
Posted on 8/13/07 - by Jerry
Keith was one of those quiet but very nice guys in our high school. He was an excellent athelete, could dunk the ball, was one of the best athletes on North Catholic's state final 1967 football squad. He appeared to be very quite and unassuming. I remember he showed an act of kindness to me...which was not expected. I was a nobody in the class before him. I always remember him in this way. It was unbelieveable when I heard he was killed in May of 1970. Wonderful guy, wonderful family.



Kent State ~ National Guard, May 4, 1970May 4, 1970 ~Kent State University, Ohio, four student protesters are killed and nine wounded. Hundreds of colleges and universities across America shut down and in Washington a 100,000 protesters surround various government buildings including the White House and historical monuments.



James Fortune's 2nd Squadron of the 11th ACR is part of exercises into Cambodia during the April 30 - June 30, 1970 incursion into the country. as far as I can surmise Jim would be in the Fishhook area of Cambodia, so named because the Cambodian boundary in the area takes on that appearance.

Cambodia May - June 1970

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