James Fortune ~Vietnam

Aug. 15, 69 (Fri)

Dear Chris,

Not doing much today except sleeping. I have the day off cause I had to work last night. It is now about 1 PM.

I got your letter a few days ago but I haven't had time to write back. I guess maybe you are a little surprised about those last two letters I know I came on pretty hard but what I said is true. I really do mean it. I wish that I could be with you. But your letter really helped me a lot. I have been down really in the dumps the (last) few weeks. I have quite drinking cause I know that it doesn't prove anything. You really helped me a lot when you said that you would wait for me  no matter how long I was gone. Than you very much. I know that you won't be sorry.

I haven't heard anything on my going to Viet Nam. I sure hope that it comes back soon cause I really want to get home and be with you.

Soon you will be going back to school. Boy this summer has gone by fast. Well at least it has for me. Just think after this school year you will be done. What are you planning to do once you do get out? Are you going to college or just going to get a job? I bet you will be just glad to have high school over with. To tell the truth I myself would really like to be back in school. Look at me I have had to take lots of hard tests and night classes to get mine over with. Once I get out of the service I think that I will take a part time course in something. I may  do it while I am still in the army. But I do know that I want a better education.

SP/4 Patch Army

Yellow eagle on an olive background. The SP/4 position was phased out after the Vietnam War.

The patch that is in this letter is my rank. I wear it on all of my uniforms. Most guys make it after they have been in the army about a year an a half but I made it in eleven months. Myself I think I did pretty good. Well Chris I will close this letter now. Remember that I love you and that you are always on my mind. See you soon.

SP/4 Jim

Jim has a Birthday

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