James Fortune ~Vietnam ~ Casualty of War

Jim Fortune ~ Cambodia - injured Jun 22, 1970
Mon 22 Jun 1970 ~ Jim Fortune perhaps looking at a helicopter that will transfer him to Saigon. The newspaper clipping from the Flint Journal (Michigan) has the date as June 25. Jim's Purple Heart award stated this injury occured in Vietnam, but Jim was part of the 60 day incursion just inside Cambodia as stated in the news article.
Jim Fortune ~ Injured driving over mine, receives shrapinal in his leg, left arm & left chest
Jim's mom mentioned that she was watching television and saw medic's taking an injured soldier & was shocked to see her son, pictured above. Jim looks very brave here while the medics load him into a helicopter to fly him to Saigon.

James A. Fortune SP/4 - Injured on 25 June 1970 Cambodia
The Flint Journal (Flint, Michigan)

Purple Heart

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