James Fortune ~Vietnam

On 16 Jan. 1969 an agreement was made for peace talks to begin in Paris with representatives from North & South Vietnam as well as the United States & the National Liberation Front (NLF-An organization advocating freedom of South Vietnam).

PFC James Fortune is at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Jan. 16, 69

Dear Chris,

I received your letter today and I must say, that I was surprised to here from you. I didn't really think you would write. It is really nice weather here. Today it has been about 50. Not bad for winter. I feel great. The living here isn't. I have my own room and I have classes from 730 in the morning to 430 in the after noon. I am going to school to speclize in diesel engines. I have already went to gasoline engine school and air born jump school. Jump school was fun. I jumped out of planes for three weeks. I went today and made a jump. I guess it was my last one. Cause if I jump any more I will go to Viet Nam. and I don't want to go if I don't have to.

I hope you and Ed can work things out. But Terrie and me are having the same trouble. I haven't heard from her since I got here. I went last weekend and bought here an engagement ring for her birthday. I don't know now how things will out between us. But Realy I am not ready to get married and I don't think she is eather.

I will leave here the 20th of February for Germany. I am looking foward to going. But I will be there for 1 year and a half. The army isn't realy all that bad. I have had quite a bit of fun I must say. Last weekend I went to a go go for It was definitely a wild place. This weekend I am just going to lay around and take it easy. I am going to try and save some money since I will be home befor going to Germany and I want to have so fun while I am home.

When is Ed coming home? I bet you can't wait to see him. It has been a longtime. I sure hope you two work things out. As much as I would like for Terrie and me to make it. I know that we will never see that wedining day. I have given up on her and me making it. She is too mixed up on what she wants. She is a beautiful girl. But also a very mixed up one. Well I must go for now, please keep writing. I promise to write back. Well a least once in a while.

a friend always.

Mon. 20 Jan. 1969 ~ Richard M. Nixon becomes the 37th President of the United States.

Jim may be going to Cambodia

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